These highly experienced production companies based in the Västra Götaland region welcome interest from international partners looking to find a Swedish co-producer

Filmgate Films AB

As a result of our positive experience with co-producing the Swedish feature "Kenny Begins" in 2010 we set up Filmgate Films. The company has now co-produced two feature films, a US independent film called "Mangus" directed by Ash Christian and starring Jennifer Coolidge, Heather Matarazzo and John Waters and "Hideaways" wich was directed by Agnès Merlet, and was our first co-production with Fidélité Films and Octagon Films.
Hideaways made the Tribeca Film Festival this year.
This summer we will be working on out third and fourth films respectively; "The Magnificent 11" directed by Irvine Welsh and "The Woman in Black" directed by James Watkins.

Contact: Sean Wheelan,


GötaFilm AB

GötaFilm is one of the leading independent production companies in Scandinavia, with a long experience of international co-productions, and acts as a creator, producer and co-producer of feature films, documentaries and TV-series. The company has a track record of high quality productions, including award winning and commercially successful films and TV-series. GötaFilm has co-produced with countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, Germany, France, Holland and Italy. The founder and CEO, Christer Nilson, is a member of the ACE Network.

GötaFilm has just finished the big international feature SIMON (Simon and the oaks), a Swedish/Danish/German/Norwegian/Dutch co-production with 30 international financiers from five countries, theatrically released in 2011 by Nordisk Film. Before SIMON our most recent international co-production was Everlasting Moments (of Maria Larsson), by Jan Troell, that was released in 2009 and Sweden’s choice for Oscar. For complete track record go to

Contact: Christer Nilson,


Migma Film AB

Migma film was established in 1991, and is an independent production company based in Gothenburg. Migma has built a strong reputation as a well managed and dependable production company engaged in quality production.
We are constantly looking to extend our international collaborations and we also have the capacity to service productions, wich have choosen to locate shooting or post-production in the western part of Sweden.
Migma Film produces primarily feature films but also have a regular production of documentaries.
Migma Film has been engaged in a number of co-productions, the most recent is "Engelen" (The Angel with Norway/Sweden/Finland and "Broken Mussels, Turkey/Sweden.
The producer Lizette Jonjic is a member of the EAVE network and was selected for "Producer on the move" in Cannes 2010.
MigmaFilm is currently involved in co-productions with Ireland, Finland and Germany.
For complete track record contact Migma Film.



Plattform Produktion

Plattform Produktion was founded in 2002 by producer Erik Hemmendorff and director Ruben Östlund and have already gained international recognition. Plattform co-produces a selected number of titles by directors with strong and engaging visions. 

Plattform Produktion Filmography: 
Films include The Guitar mongoloid (FIPRESCI Moscow IFF 2005), Involuntary (Cannes Official Selection Un Certain Regard 2008, FIPRESCI Palm Springs 2010, Swedish Oscar Contribution), Greetings from the woods (Locarno Official Selection Filmmakers of the Present Competition 2009), Incident by a bank (Winner The Golden Bear 2010), The Extraordinary ordinary life of José González (GIFF Nordic Competition 2010, HotDocs 2011), Twin Brothers, 53 scenes from a childhood (IFFR Official Selection 2011), Play (Directors' Fortnight Cannes 2011) 

- DAU, by Ilya Khrzhanovsky 
- ByPass, by Duane Hopkins 

Staff:   Co-founder and Producer- Erik Hemmendorff 
Co-founder and Exekutive Producer- Ruben Östlund 
Lineproducer- Marie Kjellson 

Contact: +46 31 7116660


Zentropa International Sweden AB

Zentropa International Sweden AB is a production company with reference to produce, co-produce and/or invest in Swedish and/or European films. Presently the company has been involved as investor and/or co-producer in the following projects: “Heavens Heart”, “Kærlighedens krigere”, Day and Night”, “Brothers”, “Manslaughter, “Inheritance”, “Island of Lost Souls”, “Manderlay”, “Antichrist”, “Original”, the Oscar Winner ”Heavnen” and ”Melancholia”. Zentropa International Sweden are also producing Swedish films with director Björn Runge.

Contact: Madeleine Ekman, producer,