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Filmgate AB

Filmgate is a Swedish company based in Göteborg. Five years ago we began with high end vfx for domestic and international productions, by the second year we added grading and conform to our services. In our third year we completed our first domestic co-production "Kenny Begins".
Filmgate have now carried out vfx work on over 48 feature films in eleven countries. 
From the UK we have worked on such films as "Brighton Rock" with Helen Mirren, Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough, "Woman in Black" with Daniel Radcliffe (his first film after Harry Potter) and Ciarán Hinds, "Centurion" with Michael Fassbender, Dominic West and Olga Kurylenko. From the US we are working on "The Raven" directed by James McTeigue, and starring John Cusak and "House at the End of the Street" directed by Mark Tonderai and starring Elisabet Shue, Jennifer Lawrence and Maz Thieriot. From Scandinavia we have worked on Lars Von Triers "Antichrist" and this year "Melancholia" with Kirsten Dunst, Chrarlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland. Other Scandinavian productions have been Stieg Larsson’s best seller “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series as well as "Arn I - Tempelriddaren" and “An ii - Riket vid Vägens Slut” (Sweden’s biggest budget films to date).

Contact: Sean Wheeelan, sean@filmgate.se, Andreas Hylander, andreas@filmgate.se, Håkan Blomdahl, hakan@filmgate.se, www.filmgate.se

Gothenburg Film Studios

The Department of Production Services at Gothenburg Filmstudios is your single point of contact to the film village, and beyond. The Production Service facility conveniently coordinates a complete range of filmproduction facilities and services, and compiles cost-efficient packaged solutions at highly competitive rates. The Department of Production Services also cater to film production's every need in terms of production planning and coordination, permits, and budgeting – and provides productions with top-notch technical and administrative staff through its' in-house full-time employed crew.

Contact: Richard Bunke, Marie Liljenor, or Anna Abelius +46 31 481400, info@gothenburgstudios.se, www.gothenburgstudios.com

Göta film

GötaFilm is one of the leading independent production companies in Scandinavia, with a long experience of international co-productions. The company has a track record of high quality productions, including award winning and commercially successful films and TV-series. GötaFilm has co-produced with countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Hungary and Italy. We have started Götafilm International in order to epand within production services. GötaFilm collaborates with a number of postproduction services, studios and rental houses within the region. With our long experience in the film industry we can also support you with finding co-financing and distribution in Scandinavia. Welcome!

Contact: international@gotafilm.se For complete track record go to www.gotafilm.se

Migma Film AB

Migma film was established in 1991, and is an independent production company based in Gothenburg. Migma has built a strong reputation as a well managed and dependable production company engaged in quality production.
We are constantly looking to extend our international collaborations and we also have the capacity to service productions, wich have choosen to locate shooting or post-production in the western part of Sweden.
Migma Film produces primarily feature films but also have a regular production of documentaries.
Migma Film has been engaged in a number of co-productions, the most recent is "Engelen" (The Angel with Norway/Sweden/Finland and "Broken Mussels, Turkey/Sweden.
The producer Lizette Jonjic is a member of the EAVE network and was selected for "Producer on the move" in Cannes 2010.
MigmaFilm is currently involved in co-productions with Ireland, Finland and Germany.
For complete track record contact Migma Film.

Contact: lizette@migmafilm.se, www.migmafilm.se

Production service

Film i Väst's web site www.filmservice.se is a resource for all film and TV productions, and offers information on production crew and services in Västra Götaland for industry professionals. The site's database lists qualified film workers living in the region, and includes contact information for more than 450 crew members and an additional database to search from over 3800 extras. The site also offers a list of experienced suppliers and service providers, including reputable hotels and car rental companies, who have successfully delivered services to film productions for many years.

Contact: Nina Sekund, nina.sekund@filmivast.se

Zentropa Sweden Production AB

Zentropa Sweden Production AB is our own production service company in the region. We provide production and location services for the film and television industries. Having been based in the region for over 10 years we have the knowlege and know how.

Contact: Madeleine Ekman, Lineproducer, madeleine.ekman@filmbyen.dk



Alleycat is a provider of vehicles for the film industry. Fully equiped vehicles for cast and crew, equipment trucks for camera, light and grip, production and transport vehicles, low loaders, and other customized film-work vehicles all form part of Alleycats fleet.
Alleycat is a partner company within the Gothenburg Film Studios initiative.

Contact: Karl-Jorgen Carlqvist +46 735 190800, kj@filmarbetaren.se, www.filmarbetaren.se

Camera Center AB

Camera Center is a Gothenburg based professional rental house for film and TV in Sweden. The company provide primarily for productions on the northern European market and offer complete camera packages in all formats. Camera Center maintain the highest quality on its' products and customer service to ensure successful and trouble-free productions. The company also has an extensive international network collaborating with leading international companies around the development of camera tehnology.
Camera Center is a partner company within the Gothenburg Film Studios initiative. 

Contact: Michael Petersen, or Mika Porkka +46 31 802190, info@cameracenter.se, www.cameracenter.se


Dagsljus is one of Scandinavia's leading rental houses for film, commercial and TV-equipment.
We can provide you with all your technichal needs.
One-stop shop – camera, lights, grips, trucks, gennies, walkies, cranes etc. DIT/DMT and full digital workflow including dailies, storage and off line conform.
Svensk Filmindustri - Arn: The Knight Templar
Maipo - People in the sun
Strada Film - Lover boy
Zentropa - Melancholia
Friland Film - Sons of Norway
Filmlance - Truth and Consequence

Contact: +46 31 65 66 80, www.dagsljus.com

Light Center

Light Center is a professional rental house for lights and grip for film, TV and photo in Sweden. Light Center offer complete equipment packages and maintain the highest quality on its' products and customer service to ensure successful and troublefree productions. Conveniently located in central Gothenburg, Light Center is a major provider of lights and grip for feature- and commercial film productions in Scandinavia. 
Light Center is a partner company within the Gothenburg Film Studios initiative. 

Contact: Torgny Johnsson, +46 31 802190, info@lightcenter.se,www.lightcenter.se

Zentropa Post Production Sweden – Equipment & Postproduction

At our equipment rental we can supply you with a wide variety of lighting, camera and sound equipment for film productions of every size and for any budget. Recently we added the Arri Alexa to our range of cameras.

Contact: Madeleine Ekman. madeleine.ekman@filmbyen.dk tel: +46520505522


Gothenburg Film Studios

The studios facilities include a 900 sq.m. Sound stage, a 300 sq.m. Sound stages and a 270 sq.m. Cyclorama studio, that all have auxiliary areas with dressing room, toilets and pentry, and access to green-room, storage, and carpentry areas. Gothenburg Film Studios also offer production offices of various sizes, easily adaptable to the needs of any production. With a capacity to host 3 feature productions simultaneously, any production office set-up is professionally equipped and can also include storage for props and costume, rehearsal areas, parking etc.
Please find out more at www.gothenburgstudios.com

Contact: Marie Liljenor, or Paul Blomgren DoVan +46 31 481400, info@gothenburgstudios.se, www.gothenburgstudios.com

Studio Fares

Film i Väst's studio located in Trollhättan is the second largest soundstage in Scandinavia with an area of 1100 sq m (approx 11 800 sq ft). The facilities include a stage workshop, storage facilities, parking and an additional gated parking area. Well-equipped production offices and make-up, costume and dressing rooms are also available on-site. Other available facilities in Trollhättan include a catering kitchen, dining area and additional areas for extras.

Contact: info@filmivast.se



Auditory is a personal sound company that offers a complete and creative concept for post
production and production sound. Auditory provides: Dialog Editing, Sound Editing, ADR/VO,
Sound Design, Foley and Location Sound Engineers. We at Auditory live for the challenge to create an unique emotional reality with sound for your production.

Contact: info@auditory.se, www.auditory.se Gustaf Berger +46 737 590773 or Lars Wignell +46 739 727071

Cloudberry Post

CloudBerry Post provides complete solutions for motion picture with focus on storytelling.
As we know every film is unique. We offer creative facilities and unique workflows personally tailored for each production.
Post production: Sound design, foley, sound editing, re-recording mix
Location: Crew, equipment, vehicle 
CloudBerry Post aims to be in the forefront of the latest technology while maintaining the traditions of filmmaking.

Contact: Christian Holm +46 (0)707 409950, Niclas Merits +46 (0)708497122 info@cloudberrysound.com , www.cloudberrysound.com

Enric Audio AB

Enric Audio AB is a well-established company delivering overall solutions within the field of television and movie sound. The company is personal, trustworthy and offers outstanding professionals and equipment. Enric Audio AB prides itself in cooperating with several of the most renowned sound companies in Scandinavia.

Contact: Henric Andersson, henric@henric.se


MAINSTREAM is one of the leading sound facilities in Scandinavia. Our main set up is in Filmbyen, Copenhagen but we have now
expanded and established a sound facility set up in Trollhättan,including a full digital, Dolby licensed Mixing stage. Therefore we can offer total Sound Post Packages in the Trollhättan Region

MAINSTREAM has throughout the last 20 years build up a solid reputation and we proudly refer to our "reference list" (www.mainstream.dk)

Contact: www.mainstream.dk


Shoot&Post, situated in Gothenburg Sweden, offers a complete postproduction solution for film- and TV- producers.
Stereoscopic 3D is one of our main targets. The workflow is of course digital in HD, 2K and 4K, depending on our customers demand. Our grading suite is equipped with a filmscreen in fullsize and RED files are conformed with our RED Rocket card. We can also deliver dailies and workprints streamed over internet.
Among our recent projects are the features "Miss Kicki" (cinema release spring 2010) and "Beyond the Border" (cinema release january 2011). "Stonehorse" a short in stereoscopic 3D had cinema release in october 2009. Probably the first European produced film in stereoscopic 3D screened in a cinema house! The DCP master was provided by Shoot&Post.

Contact: Michael Sevholt, Post Producer Shoot&Post, +46708-200113, www.shootpost.se

The Chimney Pot Ljudligan Väst AB

Since 2005 The Chimney Pot Ljudligan Väst has been operating from it’s studios in Trollhättan. Working with some of the most successful international productions in the region, including MIchael Winterbottom´s The Killer Inside Me, Florin Serbans, If I Want to Whistle I whistle (winner of 2 silverbears at the Berlinale 2010), Kamen Kalev’s Eastern Plays (Winner of Tokyo Grand Prix 2009) and Catalin Mitulescu’s Loverboy (in competition Un Certain Regard 2011)

The Chimney Pot Ljudligan offers fist class sound studios, including a fully equipped Foley studio, located within the Film I Väst studio complex in Trollhättan. Our experienced Foley artists, have worked on a large number of productions since the opening of the studio, and has been part of many national and international productions.

Please contact us for further information and quotes.

Contact: Fredrik Zander, Head of Feature Film, fredrik.zander@chimney.se

Zentropa Post Production Sweden – Equipment & Postproduction

Zentropa Post Production Sweden has one aim: To help film makers create the film they set out to make. Every aspect of the film production process is covered.

At our postproduction department we can: Log/load, dailies, offline edit, on line, color grading, DCP mastering, VOD file output, you name it. All in a highly creative and friendly environment, using the best high end equipment. In our Trollhättan facility high end color grading can be performed, and the result printed out using our Arrilaser film recorder.

Contact: Henning Lind Eriksen, henning.eriksen@filmbyen.dk tel: +46520505520


Gothenburg Prop Makers

Professional supplier of props, special effects, prosthetics make-up effects and set design elements, constructed in their workshop at Gothenburg Film Studios. Working both domestically and internationally, Gothenburg Prop Makers combines the best materials and techniques with good old craftmanship.
Gothenburg Prop Makers is a partner company within the Gothenburg Film Studios initiative.

Contact: Anders Muammar: +46 702 726232

Klas Jansson Bygg AB

Klas Jansson Bygg AB is a construction company that primarily caters to Film and television production in Sweden. We currently employ seven full time carpenters with the ability to quickly expand our team to suit the job at hand. Together with the production designer Klas Jansson survey the plans and constructions. An estimate is worked out together with painters and necessary tradesmen to be presented to the production company/production designer.
We have gathered extensive network in our field as well as large stockpile of set pieces as doors windows etc.
We have had the privilege to work with the following films:
Girl with the dragon tattoo (David Fincher)
Melancholia  (Lars Von Trier )
Simon and the Oaks (Lisa Ohlin
Truth and Consequence  ( Jan Troell )
Pioneer (Erik Skjodbjaerg)
We are the best (Lucas Moodysson) and Force Majeure (Ruben Östlund)

Contact: klas.jansson.@me.com, +46 705 77 34 53, www.klasjanssonbygg.se


Oceanfilm AB specialises in marine coordination and the supply of camera boat hire, filming boat hire, safety boat hire and marine prop hire as well as media diving services and on set safety to the TV and film industry.
Oceanfilm AB work only with registered diving & rescue contractor and are approved contractors for the SVT (Swedish state television) and many others. We also work as teachers at training courses in HSE-ruels and safety in filmproduction at the Dramatic Institute of Sweden.
With over 15 years in the industry we have worked with all kinds of productions in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Faroe Islands, Denmark, South Africa. We have worked with CBS America, BBC, SVT Sweden, ZDF Germany, Arte France and many others.

Contact: Contact: www.oceanfilm.se, info@oceanfilm.se

Rikard Grönvall Dekor

A professional company specialized in scenic and décor painting for film, television and theatre. The company corporates with other scenic painters and set designers and have at the moment three employees.
The company coordinate a ful solution on set painting together with art departments and constrauctions coordinators. Rikard Grönvall Dekor has a long experience from working in film and television in both Sweden and Denmark as well as a few other countries. The company has worked with many renowned productions like Dancer in the dark/Lars von Trier, Lilja-4-ever/Lukas Moodysson, Dogville/Lars von Trier, Simon and the oaks/Lisa Ohlin and The girl with the dragon tattoo/David Fincher.

Contact: Rikard Grönvall, +46 760 45 19 07

Sakcenter Props Rentals

Prop rental and storage facility, founded jointly by local art directors and production designers. 
Sakcenter Prop Rentals is a partner company within the Gothenburg Film Studios initiative.

Contact: Mari Persson +46 730 317999, info@sakcenter.se, www.sakcenter.se